Tom Blakely
About the Artist

My paintings reflect my love for cities and their structures.  My subject is the urban landscape--a dense and complex place, alive with movement, that is forever changing, often in unrecognizable ways.  Like dreams, the cities in my paintings may contain elements of real places I have lived or visited.  But more often, the abstracted cityscapes that I paint are places of fantasy that represent the city experience--the sensation of being in a stimulating, fast-paced, dynamic environment where roads can lead to unexpected places and where buildings can appear almost overnight, transforming a once recognizable space into something strange and dizzying.
My work surfaces, like my subject matter, are dense and multilayered.  I employ a variety of techniques to keep my work spontaneous:  I work quickly and intuitively and usually work on multiple pieces at the same time; I use a wide variety of materials including acrylic, pastel, charcoal, pencil and markers; and I play loud rock and roll music and dance while I paint.
I have two vocations.  I am both a carpenter and artist.  As a carpenter,  I get to build solid structures and objects that are precise, rooted to a specific location and which conform to the codes of my profession and to the laws of government.  But as a painter, I get to free those structures from all constraints and let them sway and dance along with me to the rhythm of city life.